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Commissioned piece with pink, purple, and aqua roses from handmade paper, twisted through with vines featuring two shades of tiny purple flowers.


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Handmade paper roses, from The Winthrop Woman, published in 1959.

Each petal is hand cut and added to the flower individually.

Stacked together and tied with a simple ribbon, these roses make a stunning bouquet.

And as promised, the special project using the ‘map’ illustration from an old book. Each of these frames contains anĀ  original and very limited edition prose passage, handwritten on cobblestone-textured cream paper.

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Finally … a quick snap of the arrangement made with deep red paper and an old Archie comic book. Two of these matching arrangements flank a giant clock on top of my friend’s piano.


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These will be for sale for the first time at Made on the Left (see post below for details).

Made with paper from 1959, four tiny five-petal flowers on a curled white vine. Although they bring ‘honeysuckle’ to my mind, they don’t quite look the same.

What do they remind you of? Let me know in the comments, and if you can come to Made on the Left on Sunday July 26th to pick it up, I’ll be pleased to give you a stem. (I’ll give away a maximum of 3 stems, to what I believe are the best or most accurate comparisons. Other stallholders are welcome to participate.)

Also for the first time, I have something very special planned for these:

Stay tuned to find out exactly what …

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…is where I will be on Sunday the 26th of July. Check out the poster below with all the details:

Different stallholders on Saturday and Sunday, amazing designers and makers-of-all-things unique and beautiful, and beer in close proximity. Perfect.

While I’m head-down-hands-busy making beautiful things to take to the market, I’ve come across what may be the right paper for a beautiful new flower design. If you can excuse bad photography and a work-in-progress atmosphere, have a look at these:

Paper peonies, made with a textured, deep purple handmade paper, made from banana leaves and (I believe) mulberry bark. Oof. Beautiful.

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Peeking out of this little arrangement … a hand-tinted rose made from a 1959 copy of The Winthrop Woman. A couple of flowers in linen paper, wrapped in tissue, makes a gorgeous little gift for a book lover.

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Black and White bouquet, made for this display at You’ll Be Wrapped.

Closer view – black roses and white/silver roses, and double-layered flowers.

These place-cards, which double (or triple!) as bonbonnierre and table decoration, were designed and put together collaboratively with Kelly from You’ll Be Wrapped.

Detail of single flower – jewellery wire centre and paper colour and design can be customised to suit your occasion.

You can see and order these, and lots of other clean and beautiful design ideas at 366 Charles Street, North Perth.

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