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Commissioned piece with pink, purple, and aqua roses from handmade paper, twisted through with vines featuring two shades of tiny purple flowers.


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Finally … a quick snap of the arrangement made with deep red paper and an old Archie comic book. Two of these matching arrangements flank a giant clock on top of my friend’s piano.


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Commissioned by lala design, concept and frames supplied by laladesign, flowers and wire work by me!

Here are the frames wired up and ready for transport. Each frame has 28 flowers made from the signature hot pink and pink-on-white papers from lala.

Flower stems curled and frames hung back to back in the shop window.

The view from the front of the store. Go see it for yourself at 227 Oxford Street in Leederville. While you’re there check out the beautiful papers and great design ideas in the store, and support businesses that support hand-made!

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Metallic red flowers with one black and white flocked bloom on long wire stems, sculpted into a dramatic arrangement.

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Bunch of ‘tiny’ green and white flowers on silver wire, with larger red flowers.

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At the Markets

Hello! Welcome to Wire & Paper.

Pictured above: part of our display at the Oxford Street Markets, with vintage paper flowers and recycled paper leaves.

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